Support: Adding Exercises to Your Library

Adding Exercises to Your TriadXP App Library

Its easy to add exercises to your TriadXP Mobile Exercise Library. Doing this will allow you to add them to your workouts or use them to replace exercises in any workout you download, making it easier to achieve your fitness goals.

1. Click on the More tab in the bottom menu of the TriadXP Mobile App. A list of available actions will appear.

2. Click on Exercise Library and your exercise library will appear. The library will be empty until you add your own exercises.

3. Click in the Search Exercise bar and type the name of exercise you wish to add. As soon as you start typing the name, a Create button in the form of a black plus sign icon will appear to the right side of the screen beneath the search bar.

4. Click on the Create button and the New Exercise screen will appear. Finish entering the Exercise Name in the top field. Though not required, you can also add a description of the exercise, up to three images, and or a YouTube video of the exercise.

5. Click the Save button to save and add the exercise to the Exercise Library.