Support: How to Modify a Workout

Adding or Deleting Exercises to Modify a Workout in the TriadXP App

Sometimes you may want to add exercises or replaces exercise in a workout for a variety of reasons. The Edit function of the TriadXP Mobile App makes it easy. Deleting is as simple as a swipe left. The edit function also lets you add or modify the settings of an exercise in your TriadXP Mobile App Library (see adding exercises to your library) you can even create and exercise on the fly. Modifying a workout  makes it easier to achieve your fitness goals. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to delete an exercise and how to add an exercise. You can also learn how to modify exercise settings , add rest periods or add circuits, on additional support pages.

Deleting an Exercise From a Workout

1. Select the specific Workout within a Program from the Download Library. The Workout will appear in the Workout Details Screen.

2. Tap on the Edit button in the top right corner of the screen. The workout will appear in the Create Workout Screen. You will see the Exercise Routine displayed at the bottom of the Create Workout Screen.

3. Swipe left on the Exercise you want to delete.

4. Tap Delete from menu options and the Exercise will be deleted.

5. This is action can’t be undone. To restore the exercise see Add an Exercise to a Workout below.


Adding an Exercise to a Workout

1. Select the specific Workout within a Program from the Download Library. The Workout will appear in the Workout Details Screen.

2. Tap on the Edit button in the top right corner of the screen. The workout will appear in the Create Workout Screen. You will see the Exercise Routine displayed at the bottom of the Create Workout Screen.

3. Tap the Add Exercise icon. This will open the Add Exercise Screen

4. Select an exercise from the Exercise List or type the exercise name in the search field. If the Exercise isn’t in the Exercise List, you can click the Create button to create an Exercise on the fly. 

5. When an Exercise is selected from the Exercise List, the Exercise Type Screen will appear displaying buttons for Time, Reps and Distance.Tap the desired Exercise Type.

6. Once you make your selection, the Exercise Settings Screen appears.Tap on the Exercise Settings you want set.

7. Once you’ve set all the settings select Finalize.

8. The Create Exercise Screen will appear again and the Exercise will have been added to the end of the Exercise Routine.

9. Use the Up/Down Arrows to change the position of the Exercise within the Exercise Routine.