Week One Free  of 90 Day Time to Get To Work
Stew Smith CSCS USN (SEAL)

Week One Free of 90 Day Time to Get To Work

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Get Week one Free of the most complete combination of training materials ever. Perform and track your workouts with the TriadXP mobile-exercise version of   Navy SEAL and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Stew Smith's 90 Days workout plan 

Whether you're a beginner or recovering after an injury, the 90 Days workout plan is designed for you. Cannot do many regular pushups or do them correctly, cannot run a mile in under 12 minutes, or haven't exercised in several years. With 90 Days, you can walk, run, or bike to build your cardiovascular base. Get a solid fitness foundation using the right mix of bodyweight and dumbbell exercises that will help you get more fit, lose weight, and reach your goals. Try the first week for free and get moving toward your fitness goals.

Remember, with TriadXP's mobile fitness app, you can perform and track the program even easier. Guided daily workouts with voice and video cues, track time, reps, distance weights and band loads, complete workout log, and more. TriadXP, bringing you the most in mobile-exercise programs, your favorite trainers and go-to workouts. Train anywhere, anytime; however, you choose. Perform, track, and log a wide variety of time, rep, distance, and resistance workouts distraction-free.