Your Sexy Everything 7-Minute Calves
Ilyse Baker

Your Sexy Everything 7-Minute Calves

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Celebrity trainer Ilyse Baker does it again with her 7-minute calves workout. Want to look great in your stilettos with sexy calves? Build muscular calves to improve your athletic performance? With just ten exercises and seven minutes of work, you'll develop strong calf muscles for explosive moves and ankle stabilization to reduce your risk of injuries.

Only Ilyse can make such a hard to build muscle group fun and motivating as she dares you to drive higher and take things up a notch. It won't take long for those calves to start cooking and your heart rate to come up. With Ilyse, it's always a love-hate workout! And, with this TriadXP version, you'll be able to perform, track, and modify this already great calves conditioning routine.

The TriadXP Version of Your Sexy Everything 7 Minute Calves "Intelligent" video format: Workout with a continuous video.  Tracks and logs your work out time.

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Here's what you get with this TriadXP exercise program:

  • Complete voice and video-guided workout routines.
  • Regular tracking of your results.
  • Workout summaries.
  • Personal dashboard.
  • Workout log.
  • Workout editing.

This program is compatible with iOS and Android devices.