90% of People Quit On Their Fitness Goals After Just Three Months. (How to Not Be One of Them)

90% of People Quit On Their Fitness Goals After Just Three Months. (How to Not Be One of Them)

OK, its’ April, the fourth month of 2021. Gyms everywhere are starting to empty as the annual bump fades and people start to give up on their New Year’s fitness goals. Are you still on track?

In-app fitness programs can help you stay focused and committed to exceeding your goals. Fitness app usage is exploding, with over 84 million people using a fitness app in the US alone. Here are four reasons people commonly give up on their fitness goals and how a fitness app like TriadXP can help you overcome obstacles and stay on track

Not Enough Time in a Busy Schedule 

In today’s always-on world, people are busier than ever. Balancing work, family, and time for self-care can be challenging. One way to overcome this challenge is to start slow and build. Find quick workouts 15-20 minutes and set appointments for yourself. Make your fitness a priority, put a number on it, and make it measurable. Set a goal like running a 5K or losing weight within a specific time. Be realistic and put together measurable milestones. Then use a fitness app like TriadXP to track your results so you can see your progress over time. The TriadXP fitness app gives you the essential voice and visual coaching you need while listening to your favorite music or audiobook for inspiration. 

Starting too Fast with a Fitness Program that’s too High for Your Fitness Level

Another reason people often quit is they set unrealistic goals. Worse yet, they choose a fitness program with exercises and targets that are beyond their fitness level. So, it's no surprise that after a few workouts, soreness or even injury become obstacles to success.

Starting slow and building up over time are keys to success. If you plan to begin a weight training program, begin with lower resistance and focus more on proper form. Then build up your resistance over time. Same if you’re starting a cardio program. Ease into it and stay within your target heart range. You’ll know you’re in the correct zone if you’re able to carry on a conversation while you walk or run.

Fitness apps are a great tool to support you in this effort. Many track your progress and, better yet, allow you to personalize your workouts. The TriadXP fitness app, for example, lets you personalize any workout program by adjusting the exercise targets and settings. Allowing you to start with the right time, reps, resistance, or distance for each exercise and gradually build up over time. You can even customize your workout by removing individual exercises with just a tap or replace them with alternates when available. When you personalize your training to match your fitness level and capabilities, you help prevent early setbacks that derail your program right off the bat. 

Personalize Your Workout with TriadXP Fitness App

No Accountability and Going Alone

Discipline is a critical element to success in achieving your fitness goals. Fitness is a very personal endeavor, but you shouldn’t go it alone. Find an accountability buddy or share what you are doing with your social network. There is strength in numbers and in sharing our goals with others. People who do are more likely to succeed.

When you share your goal, it can flip a switch in our brains, creating a higher level of commitment to make it happen. Your network can cheer you on, and that tiny voice in your head will also spur you on with encouragement. Finally, be sure to celebrate your progress and share your results. The TriadXP fitness app allows you to post and share to your social networks quickly. So you can celebrate your progress, share routines you like, and challenge or inspire others to get moving (Image of a social share)

Social Sharing with the TriadXP Fitness App

Work Outs Aren’t Enjoyable.

Exercise is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Not everyone enjoys the treadmill, exercise bike, resistance machines, or stretching. Boredom can set in, then our brains start to make excuses, and our motivation quickly wains. There are many ways to achieve your fitness goals, from calisthenics and resistance training to running, swimming, biking, yoga, or Pilates. Mix up your routines and try different types of workouts. Keep searching until you find an approach that’s right for you. Variety can prevent boredom, and fitness apps can provide you access to various fitness techniques and programs. 

Marking Working Out Fun with TriadXP Fitness App

Stay Focused You’ll See Results.

Remember, you made your resolutions for a reason. Don’t give up. It can take up to 12 weeks before you start to see meaningful changes. But if you stay committed, personalize your workouts, and build up over time. The results you seek will come. So Let’s Get Moving!













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