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Now you can create, replicate, modify, perform, and track your own or prebuilt workouts in seconds.

Imagine having the ability
to build an infinite exercise library, the power to create and personalize any online or offline workout, and control your training experience at every level and share workouts you create with your friends…that’s TriadXP!

Mike Elia, Founder of TriadXP
Infinite Exercise Library; Infinite Workout Possibilities

Create an unlimited exercise library. Add exercises and instructions taken from any medium like websites, books, magazines, even YouTube. Incorporate MP4, MOV, PNG and JPEG files and more. Then create any cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility workout or combination there of to meet your fitness goals.

Virtually Hands-Free Audio-Visual Guidance

TriadXP will guide you step-by-step through every workout with voice announcements and visual reminders of your workout and exercises. It will announce the exercise name, time, reps, distance and resistance goals and, if you want, personal exercise notes or cues you add. It’s the perfect way to be more efficient with your time and workout.

Total Control Over Your Workout Experience

Turn voice commands on or off. Select a voice that works for you. Switch from GPS tracking to manual tracking. Skip, pause exercises or circuits. Screen lock prevents unwanted workout interruptions. Don’t want to track your results? To turn on record as prescribed and TriadXP will automatically enter the prescribed targets for you.

Share Your Workouts With Others

When you have something great, share with others. You can create any workout with exercises from your library and then with a simple right swipe you share your routine with friends. You can manage who has access as well after you've shared it. TriadXP makes it easy achieve your fitness goals and challenges others to as well.

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Start working out in minutes. Download the free TriadXP fitness app, tap create and build any workout you want or download and customize one of the free or one time fee workouts in our marketplace and get moving on your way to achieving your fitness goals.