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Convert your content from books, websites, magazines or videos into app-enabled workouts with voice and visual guidance and results tracking.
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TriadXP Is Not Just Another Fitness App

We give you the power to unlock the potential of any fitness content you have or can find in a book, on the web or in a magazine. You can quickly import content in, or use our exercise library to build your own workout from scratch. If you don’t want to build your own workout, we even have existing programs from some elite world class trainers We are so confident you’ll love it, we ‘re giving you a 14 day free trial. Don’t worry we won’t ask for you credit card number to give it a try

Experience the Freedom of Choice and Customization

Make Every Workout Your Own
  • Customize every workout to your fitness level, mood, or available time

  • Add and remove exercises

  • Increase or decrease reps set higher distance targets or resistance

  • Track everything, all virtually hands free

  • GPS and manual tracking for distance training

Stay Focused with Voice and Visual Cues
  • Its like having a trainer right beside
    you providing guidance

  • Breeze through new routines  or the ones you can't remember

  • You’ll know exactly what to do, when, and for how long

With TriadXP, you can build your own workouts or find a workout from world class trainers from our marketplace. You can set goals on any targets, including weight, reps, distance, and how many times you work out a week. Not only does the app help you to stay accountable, but it tracks every single workout you complete, including those you modify.

Build Any Workout and Track It Any Way You Want

Once you’ve built a workout you can continue to personalize it by adding, deleting, copying and modifying exercises. Whether you want to add more reps, add your own exercises, create a circuit, or turn the pace up or down, TriadXP puts you
in complete control of every workout.

Track Your Progress

Your TriadXP dashboard will give you the lowdown on your weekly progress. From logging the number of workout days to total reps, time and distance, this is where you can truly see how far you have come since you started and what you need to do to progress.

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