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Two Ways To Achieve Fitness Freedom

TriadXP provides audio-visual guidance, workout results tracking, and the ability to customize prebuilt workouts to meet your needs. 

  • Prebuilt workouts: We’ve joined forces with some of the world’s most respected health and fitness experts to bring you premium fitness content. We have free and one-time-charge programs you can modify to meet your needs.

  • Workout Personalization: Customize exercise settings, turn on or off individual exercises, use GPS to track distance, switch from time-based to rep-based, or adjust the time, reps, resistance, or distance to total freedom for whatever meets your personal fitness needs

All programs come with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

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TriadXP Pro Version

TriadXP Pro has everything you get with TriadXP but with added pro features:

  • Infinite exercise library: You start with a base library of 750 exercises and can add your own using photos, videos, and YouTube exercise clips.

  • Create or replicate any workout: Use your library to build or convert content from books, websites, magazines, or videos into app-enabled workouts with voice and visual guidance and results tracking.

  • Workout Sharing: The ability to share workouts you create with others

Try Pro functionality Free for 14 days. 

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TriadXP Is Not Just Another Fitness App

Infinity exercise functionality.

  • Starter library of over 750 exercises
  • Create and add your own exercises.

Convert from a variety of sources and formats

  • Online: websites, blog posts, social
  • Offline: books, magazines or handwritten notes
  • Photos, Videos and even YouTube clips

Share the workouts you create

  • Share a link with friends to by text, or email
  • Manage access to the workouts you share

Experience the Freedom of Choice and Customization

Make Every Workout Your Own
  • Customize every workout to your fitness level, mood, or available time

  • Add and remove exercises

  • Increase or decrease reps set higher distance targets or resistance

  • Track everything, all virtually hands free

  • GPS and manual tracking for distance training

Stay Focused with Voice and Visual Cues
  • Its like having a trainer right beside
    you providing guidance

  • Breeze through new routines  or the ones you can't remember

  • You’ll know exactly what to do, when, and for how long

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