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Fed up with mobile fitness apps that offer ‘faceless’ trainers, done-to-death workouts, and no soul? Looking to choose a trainer and program that suits your individual style, personality, and fitness level? Let TriadXP hook you up!

Meet The Experts

We’ve teamed up with some of the world’s most respected celebrity trainers, fitness experts, and authors and brought together their premium content in a format you can really work with.
Karen Armstrong
Ilyse Baker
Chris Castellano
Bo Jackson Elite Sports
Clinton Dobbins - The Simple Six
Sonki Hong
Tom "Quit Proof" Jones
Dr. Rick Kattouf II
Al & Danny Kavadlo
Cory Kinder
Andrea Metcalf
Coach B - Bryan Meyer
Tami Peddigree - Drum Late'
Julie Rammal
Rachel Speck, Speck Fitness
Laura Tarbell
Caroline Wirthle - Espresso Workouts
Sean Vigue

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