What Are You Fueling Yourself With?

What Are You Fueling  Yourself With?

Nutrition can seem like an overwhelming word at times, but we are here to help you feel at ease and confident, especially with your post-workout nutrition. We understand that your “normal” workout routine may look a little different than you would like right now, but your post-workout and overall nutrition are as important as ever. Maintaining good habits will not only benefit you from a recovery standpoint, but also provide you with a routine for once you are able to resume your preferred method of training.

After you’ve carved out time for Sports Performance, spend some time thinking of how to best replenish your muscles. This will help prevent things like soreness and fatigue, as well as benefit performance. To do that, try to eat as soon as possible (ideally within an hour of completing your training session). Focus on eating foods with carbs and protein to build muscle (anabolic processes) and prevent it from further breakdown (catabolic processes). Eating high-quality foods with a limited number of ingredients, rather than processed ones, will give you the cleanest, most efficient forms of fuel. In addition, staying hydrated by drinking water post-workout will help you maximize results. 

Because water is so vital to our existence and functioning, even a small amount of dehydration can negatively impact athletic performance. To keep this from happening, it’s imperative that you are hydrated before, during, and after competition.

That being said, how do you know if you are hydrated? There are many recommendations for fluid intake based on gender, body weight, and a multitude of other factors. As an athlete, the easiest ways to keep track of your own hydration are to know your body (take note of your thirst sensation, sweat output, exercise conditions, exercise duration, and effort level, among other factors) and pay attention to your urine color. A urine hydration chart will show you what your urine should look like if you are too hydrated, dehydrated, or appropriately hydrated.

As always, take food portions into consideration, as too much of anything can be a bad thing.  Keep your next workout in mind when thinking about your post-workout nutrition and hydration status - you’ll want to be at your very best!

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