5BX and XBX Royal Canadian Air Force Workouts

Now you can get 5BX and XBX training cues from your mobile devices. Surprisingly, the ability to do that was never an option until now. TriadXP digitally recreated every exercise and every workout for every Chart.

Three easy steps:
1. Select your Chart,
2. Select the level, and
3. Get moving.

TriadXP will guide you step-by-step through your workout and capture your results. It even has GPS to track and record your runs or walks.

Get started for FREE with either the 5BX Chart 1 or XBX Chart 1 and experience the benefits of a voice and video-guided workout and how easy and enjoyable it can be to perform and track your workouts with TriadXP!

Select a single Chart or get all the Charts and save!

5BX and XBX Royal Canadian Air Force Workouts