Karen Armstrong TriadXP Collection

Karen Armstrong Workouts You Can Perform on the TriadXP APP.

Voice Cues, Exercise Visuals and Virtually Hands-Free Tracking of Your Results

The TriadXP App provides you voice and visual exercise guidance to walk you through the Karen Armstrong's workouts, so you'll know what to do, how many, for how long, or how far. While you listen to your favorite music for motivation. 

Karen's InContol Pelvic Exercises for Women is a must-have Pilates-based exercise program exclusively for women trying to control incontinence, improve their sexual response, and speed up their recovery from childbirth. Now available as a TriadXP mobile-exercise program, it can be performed and tracked anywhere, anytime. Great for women with busy schedules, traveling, or recovering from childbirth.


Karen Armstrong TriadXP Collection

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