Kate Vidulich BSc, ACSM HFS, Master CTT

Hey! I’m Kate Vidulich.

I’m here to share the truth about fat loss and help you accelerate your results. You will achieve goals you tagged “impossible”, enjoy eating healthy food, and feel renewed energy and vitality in your life. Together, we can take over the world.

But first, let me share my story with you.

fat loss workouts


I used to be fat, as in my body had a year-round expanding “winter coat”.

In 2009, I moved from Australia to New York and one hungover morning, I stepped on the scale. That was the moment I decided to change.

The scale read 182 lbs.

My initial reaction “Holy f**king shit?! It must be broken.”

Nope. I was broken. The truth was staring at me: I was fat.

I didn’t just wake up fat that morning. I spent a LOT of time partying and eating crap. Naturally, as an Aussie, I was very good at this. Let’s just say, if partying was an Olympic sport, I won gold every weekend.

I was fighting a vicious binge cycle. Every morning I felt lethargic, bloated and guilty. I justified my choice to drink and figured I would just go really hard at the gym tomorrow. You know, train it off and go for a run.

Yes, I was more concerned about where my next beer was coming from then my expanding waistline.

When you feel hungover, healthy food is not appealing.

Depending on the previous night's antics, my breakfast consisted of banana bread/breakfast cake (that was after a rough night), or my lame attempt to be healthy – cereal and milk. Lunch and dinner were even worse. Frozen lasagna, pizza, chocolate, soda, and ice cream. Everyday.

I fed my body processed junk to fight my depression.

Over time, I discovered fries and more beer to be the best hangover cure. I figured I blew it at breakfast, so why not?

fat loss workouts

By the way, I still love beer and fries. Hmmm.

This fateful day, I set myself a goal to lose 30lbs before the Spring of 2010. Four-month deadline. ‘Do or die” mode. Forget the Barre method and Tracey Anderson, I went hardcore sprinting, strength training and circuits.

Well, not only did I achieve this goal – I smashed it. I dropped to 141 lbs for a grand total 41 lbs loss, and took up a challenge to run the NYC marathon in November 2010.


My mates in Australia couldn’t believe it – one of the boys grabbed me and said, “Where did the other half of you go Vids?”

Pow Pow. Gone forever.


During my transformation, it became clear: A Complex Formula Made Simple. It came down to this. Every decision I made had two options: I would take a step closer towards my goal, or further away from it.

I was wasting my time swinging back and forth, making zero progress. The one decision slowing my progress was the drinking. Once I took responsibility and stopped, I made progress. Unstoppable progress.

If I can do it, so can you.


5 am alarms are no worries for me.

My passion is to help people achieve their fat loss goals. I love it. I analyze mountains of research to discover the best methods and completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Health & Exercise Science from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

Even though my background is in exercise rehabilitation, over the years I have discovered I really enjoy helping folks lose pounds of fat. My clients inspire me to try harder to find a better way, and make a difference.

As an Exercise Physiologist and certified ACSM Health Fitness Specialist, my extensive research background and personal experience with transformation has helped thousands of people worldwide make a change, and is a powerful reason why I keep striving for personal excellence.

I live by these words:





Now believe anything is possible

Kate Vidulich BSc, ACSM HFS, Master CTT

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