B Meyer Training and Coach Bryan Meyer

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With over 20 years experience, Coach Bryan Meyer (Coach B) has been positively impacting the inner athlete in all, from Professional and amateur athletes to the corporate and weekend warriors. Coach B began his career in a large corporation working with clients to develop individual plans and goals from every day fitness and weight loss goals to athletic performance plans.  Coach B soon realized that the traditional approach to fitness minimized his clients’ abilities to be their best. In 2010 Coach B opened B Meyer Training to continue the development of tailored programs that enhanced both the physical and mental aspects with a focus on the clients personal needs, injuries and athletic assets. This unique style brings out the best in every client earning coach B the respect of leaders, athletes and clients around the world.

Sole trainer to Dwight Howard for 11 years

Has trained for Olympic medalist in four different sports

Operated B Meyer Training Center for 8 years in Orlando, Florida

Has trained in China, Mongolia, South Africa and throughout the United States

Has been featured in Men’s Health and other publications

Author to Chasing the Title The Adventures Lessons and Rewards of Training Dwight Howard