Caroline Wirthle

Caroline is a former track and field and weight lifting athlete. She has multiple certifications, most recently as a Certified Rolfer. Her extensive background and education allows her to work internationally as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.

Through her work, she inspires people to embrace working out as a part of their daily routine. Working out anytime anywhere, but smartly and efficiently! 

Her workouts are designed around a progression of intensity allowing her you to start from anywhere to build long lasting mobility, endurance and strength. 

She focus on a more therapeutic path.Caroline is the creator of the Corrective Works Program and Espresso Workouts. All her exercises respect your joints and spine and are chosen for the best functional way to move your body. Choosing exercises for their  therapeutic and corrective effects. Her goal is to help you feel more energetic, alive and confident.

Espresso Workouts
Core Challenge | HIIT Boot Camp

This High-Intensity Interval Training will challenge your Core Strength as well as your stamina.

Work on your Six Pack with this Core Strength Workout. Feel alive, burn calories and become a fitter, more confident version of yourself.
No gym needed: simply a floor and a towel.