The Amazing Benefits of Isometrics

Limited Movement, Unlimited Results

Believe it or not, it’s entirely possible to get a good strength workout without lifting, pushing, or pulling around any weight. How’s this possible, you ask? By using isometric exercises in your fitness routine. Isometrics are exercises where you contract a muscle or muscle group and hold it in the same position without any movement in the surrounding joints. One of the simplest examples of an isometric exercise is the plank. During a plank, you are engaging and contracting your core without any movement through the entire time you hold the plank position. This constant tension helps improve your endurance while strengthening and stabilizing the muscles. 

Benefits Even Bruce Lee Couldn’t Deny 

Isometric training has champions among Olympic weightlifters, elite athletes, and even the legendary martial arts and film star Bruce Lee. The benefits of isometrics are numerous and supported by a growing body of research. Here are some of the key benefits you can realize by using isometric exercises in your fitness routine:

  • Get Stronger Faster: Increase your strength by 5% per week. Isometrics allow you to utilize heavier loads than conventional resistance training approaches so you can build muscle faster. (1)
  • Lose Weight and Burn Fat Fast: The average person loses 3.0 cm at the waist after two weeks of isometric training or the equivalent of one pant or dress size. (2)
  • Recover Quicker: Research has shown that due to muscle energetics and the rate the muscle uses chemical resources, athletes can recover from isometrics within minutes (3)
  • Enhance Heart Health and Decrease Blood Pressure: Isometrics can reduce your resting heart rate 8 beats a minute or twice as much as aerobic exercise. With just 20 minutes three times a week, research indicates you could see significant decreases in your blood pressure. (4)
  • Protect your joints: Because isometrics involve limited movement, they are better on your joints. Research even shows they are suitable for individuals with arthritis. (5)

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