Laura Tarbell

Cover model and national fitness title holder, Laura Tarbell, is the ultimate coach to help you transform your body! As a coach, certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and pilates instructor for over 13 years, Laura has helped thousands of people improve their physique to bring them more self-confidence, energy, and strength. 

She is the creator of Pilates for Runners and now Tread'n'Tone, a one-of-a-kind, hybrid program of running, muscle-building and pilates workouts. This program truly brings a well-rounded approach to fitness, with a spectrum of flexibility, high-intensity, and resistance training. 

Laura has been featured as a model and author in OXYGEN Magazine, STRONG Fitness Magazine, SHAPE Magazine, Pilates Style Magazine, GORGO Magazine, and many more. She most recently authored an E-Book on Flexiblity Dieting with Sweat Performance out of Dallas, TX.  

As a wife, business owner, and mother to two sets of twins, Laura knows how challenging it can be to find time to take care of your health and fitness. But her mission is to educate as many as possible on what it takes to get in shape and stay that way, all while managing a busy schedule. 

Success Stories
Lauren w.

I loved the videos! I used them everyday in the gym. If you stick to the plan it will work. Schedule your workout into your day just like you would anything else.

Annette S.

My biggest challenge before WOW was not making the time to take care of myself. I’ve learned that it’s okay to take care of myself and make time for me because I am just as important as everyone else is in my life. Now I make the time to eat well and stay fit. I feel great because of my choice and commitment to me! One struggle I dealt with was being a slave to the scale. I was on it everyday! I let it determine if it was a good day for me or a bad day. I no longer give my power to a battery operated metal device. Whenever I find myself being negative or not painting others in the best light – I tell myself to stop that, it’s not very WOW- ful to do so.