Stew Smith, CSCS USN (SEAL)

Stew Smith, CSCS USN (SEAL) Workouts You Can Perform on the TriadXP APP.

Voice Cues, Exercise Visuals and Virtually Hands-Free Tracking of Your Results

The TriadXP App provides you voice and visual exercise guidance to walk you through the Stew Smith's workouts, so you'll know what to do, how many, for how long, or how far. While you listen to your favorite music for motivation. 

Stew is a best selling fitness author and helps prepare young men and women for any profession that requires a fitness test as well as prepares them for the follow on training they seek. If your fitness may one day be the difference between life and death in your profession, then it pays to add fitness into your daily schedule.

If you are looking for workout programs to help you ace any fitness test and follow on training of any military, police, or fire fighting training, check out Stew Smith's collection of TriadXP training programs.