Support: Preview a Workout and Exercise Instructions TriadXP

Preview a Workout and Exercise Instructions in TriadXP Fitness App

Before you dive into your workout, why not take a minute to review it? Check the exercise settings and targets. Get familiar with the routine and the exercises. Not familiar with a specific exercise? We made it easy to learn more and access the same exercise descriptions and instructional videos or images in each program's published version.

How It Works 

  1. Select a Program from the Program Library or the Recently Downloaded section of the Dashboard
  2. Tap on a Workout within the Program to perform it. The Workout Details screen will appear, showing you the details of your workout.
  3. To review your workout, scroll through the Workout Detail screen.  
  4. For information about a specific exercise, tap on the Exercise name to display a popup screen with the exercise description and instructional video or image provided by the content provider.
  5. Tap on the “X” to return to the Workout Details screen.