Julie Rammal

Julie is the founder of the holistic movement, speaker, writer, trainer, consultant, and creator of the world’s 1st Holistic Fitness DVD and Holistic book: Ignite Your Powers, and the first holistic YouTube channel. She has presented numerous times in international conferences, and shares her work in: health clubs, embassies, hotels, schools, corporations resort & spa centres. She has won many awards, her last being for Excellence in Fitness and Holistic Practices from the Global Goodwill Ambassadors org January 2020. She has trained numerous: celebrities, vips, students, staff, and public worldwide. She is also a board member for several large publications and has shared her written work for numerous magazines and press since 2014. Her work has inspired people to learn the power and holistic methodology to re-connect in an era where we are dis-connecting from ourselves. She has inspired many communities, public, and people to: heal, train, and re-balance their body, mind, soul to feel: joyous, happy, and youthful life.

She studied in USA and Europe and has multiple degrees in: alternative medicine, energy healing, aromatherapy, personal training, meditation, Pilates, yoga, sound therapy, rehabilitative sport and more. Her work has been seen on international TV channels, newspapers, journals, radio and media since 2014 till today.

In Light of Change 2 Week Fitness Program

Change your entire life from the inside and out through an amazing journey with the TriadXP version of In light Of Change. This is an incredible way to workout and get results! With audio visual guidance and coaching, in 2 weeks you can be a new you by getting younger, firmer and slimmer naturally!

Available in two formats on TriadXP

"Intelligent" video: Workout with a continuous video.  Tracks time you are working out.

XP format:  Our custom mode allows you to personalize a workout.  You can modify the workout, replace exercises or adjust settings (reps, time, distance goals). This mode tracks every detail for every exercise.


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