Tom Jones, is most likely the greatest athlete you’ve never heard of. Legendary NFL quarterback Joe Montana called him “one of the greatest athletes I’ve ever seen.” The secret to Tom’s success, both as athlete and social activist, is simple: He works harder than anyone in the room. Any room. Tom owns his own Gym and has years of experience designing programs for individuals and groups. Now he brings his expertise to the TriadXP community.

Tom Jones’s achievements are legion: Tom has trained with some of the top athletes in the world, including Chuck Norris and Laird Hamilton. Tom’s heart is as big as his ambition. Orphaned and abused as a child, Tom pushes himself for a purpose. In the early days, that purpose was saving himself.  Later, he used his exceptional talents and training to fight for other abused children, as well as battered women and the environment. Tom is an iconic extreme-sport world record setter.

- 7-time kickboxing champion with 2 world titles

- Ran the length of California several times at a marathon pace

- Ran 121 marathons in 121 days ending in the New York marathon 

- Stand-up paddled around Smith Mountain Lake Virginia, 520 miles in 16 days

- Stand-up paddled from Oregon to the Mexican border, 1,250 miles in 90 days

- Stand-up paddled Key West, FL to New York City, NY, 1507 miles in 92 days

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If you’ve been waiting for a world-class Ultra-Endurance Athlete and Martial Artist World Champion to help you get to that next level of a full-body workout, the time is NOW. Tom ‘QUITPROOF’ Jones is all of this and more.

Go Tom Go

Tom is a man on a mission and with a determination placing him in a specific class all to himself, he is QUITPROOF. He pushes himself daily to become a better athlete and to engage in activities that are relevant in today’s sporting trends, be it surfing, martial arts, running, bicycling, stand-up paddle boarding, and now hydro surfboarding.