This millionaire-making formula hacks the odds in your favor. See how it can breathe new life into your health and fitness too.

This millionaire-making formula hacks the odds in your favor. See how it can breathe new life into your health and fitness too.

This millionaire-making formula hacks the odds in your favor. See how it can breathe new life into your health and fitness too.

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you see someone healthy and fit? Perhaps they're lucky that they have good genes? Or they're fortunate to have hours to spend in the gym.

Well, read on because I'm going to reveal the real secret about how these "lucky" people hack the health and fitness odds in their favor and how you can too.

According to MJ DeMarco, author of Millionaire Fastlane, every choice you make hacks probability, either positively or negatively. Accumulate good choices daily, and you'll improve the chance of a positive outcome. Rack up enough bad choices, and you'll find probability acting against you. Whatever the outcome, the situation usually ends with luck taking the credit.

We can apply the same millionaire-making formula to your health and fitness goals.

Excuses aside, the truth is you possess the power to shift probability and your health and fitness outcomes in your favor. All you have to do is to manipulate the necessary variables, and things will work like a charm, almost as if Lady Luck perpetually smiles upon you.

For instance, if you're willing to do the work, you call the shots when deciding the type of food in your diet plan and the effort required to burn those calories. The greater the effort invested, the higher the probabilities for good health and fitness.

Just like a basketball player who practices free throws to better the chances of winning a starting position, you're manipulating the variables of the health and fitness game for the long term.

To the uninitiated, fitness seems to be a supernatural ability bestowed on a few gifted individuals. But that's because countless people step into the fitness batter's box, take one swing, and walk away with their heads down in defeat.

Now, don't get me wrong.

I know many variables fall beyond your control. Let's take genetics, for example, which significantly affects health and fitness outcomes. However, with probability hacking, you're not trying to control the uncontrollable. Instead, you focus on controlling what you can.

Here are some scenarios where probability hacking comes into play:

  • How hard you work with a system, called the human body, that will reward you for it.
  • The type, intensity, and reps of your workouts.
  • The type, variety, and quantity of food you consume.
  • The number of "attempts" you make before throwing in the towel.
  • The way you spend your time.
  • Where you train (think Rocky and the Eye of the Tiger).
  • The way you interpret and classify your training efforts.
  • The value-added activities performed and the unproductive ones that you avoid.
  • The way you feel about luck versus probability.
  • The training principles you follow and those you don't.

Essentially, familiarizing yourself with the laws of mathematics and applying them to your health and fitness choices could give you a leg up toward reaching your goals. Always prioritize and chase activities with the highest expected values.

Move, don't sit. Eat healthy foods and eliminate the non-nutritious ones. Focus on the things that provide a high probability of rewarding you with good health and fitness. Move away from the things that don't fall under this category.

Think of fitness like a seminar instructor standing before you and handing out cash to anyone who'll raise their hand. So, raise your hand as high as you can. It will pay dividends. Do it often, and luck will call on you.

That's what hacking the probabilities is all about. Whether you train using your bodyweight or free weights for strength or cardio/endurance, stack those chips in your favor! And, while you're at it, why not call it luck since you will be on a roll?

To your health,


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