Danny Kavadlo's Hybrid Strength Training  Program -- Now available on TriadXP
Dragon Door - Hybrid Strength Training

Danny Kavadlo's Hybrid Strength Training Program -- Now available on TriadXP

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Workout guidance and tracking. A remarkable training program inside an amazing fitness app.  Exercise-by-exercise audio and photo guidance and prescriptions for each Hybrid Strength Training workout and self-assessment. Track, record, and log actual reps, times, and resistance levels. Customize targets and share results with your friends and social communities. Access Danny's individual exercise instructions right from the app and more.

Hello, I’m Danny Kavadlo. I’ve been working out for over thirty years. Over this time, I’ve trained extensively in calisthenics, free weights, kettlebells, machines, sandbags, and more. As one of New York City’s hardest-working trainers for almost two decades, it behooved me to be well versed in multiple modalities of strength training. But even more importantly, as a lifelong student of physical culture, I was constantly seeking out methods and techniques for gaining maximum strength as efficiently and effectively as possible. That is how I came up with HYBRID STRENGTH TRAINING.

Efficiency and effectiveness in programming are the keys to unlocking ultimate strength. We stand to gain the most when we fuse calisthenics and weight training, employing the best exercises from both in order to maximize the value of every workout. Whether you overload your muscles by changing your body’s position (as with calisthenics), adding external resistance (as with weight training), or any combination of the two, you will get results! These programs will get you jacked, shredded, and strong. There are three six-week programs included:

PROGRAM 1—BLUE FLAME is a beginner to intermediate level program. It consists of progressive weekly workouts so you can familiarize yourself with the basics and beyond. Prepare to blast off from your starting point.

PROGRAM 2—RED HOT targets the intermediate to advanced level practitioner. It builds upon your starting point, incorporating more exercises and tougher workouts, taking your fitness to new levels.

PROGRAM 3—HELLYEAH! consists of advanced exercises and programming. This is not for the faint of heart. Prepare to rocket through the stratosphere and get in better shape than you ever thought possible.

Each program concludes with a Self Assessment. This is a chance to test yourself on classic benchmarks of physical strength, so you can properly monitor your progress and see how you measure up. Keep the dream alive!

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mustafa a.
Turkey Turkey

the app doesn't contain everything in the book like Danny does and doesn't and the nutrition part

A Triad XP Customer
christopher o.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Hybrid Strength

Awesome book really useful information