At Home Bodyweight Challenge
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At Home Bodyweight Challenge

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Get in shape with this at home bodyweight workout modeled after David Goggins' Australian rooftop workout. No equipment, no judging eyes. Just basic movements to get your heart rate up and the sweat dripping. Four levels to choose from. Start at level 1 with a 15-minute challenge and buildup to 45-minutes. But, be warned, this bodyweight workout won't just challenge you physically, it will test you mentally! Do it at home, inside or out, on the road in your hotel or on the beach. With this TriadXP version you can perform and track your At Home Bodyweight Workout anywhere, anytime you want. 

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Here's what you get with this TriadXP exercise program:

  • Complete voice and video-guided workout routines.
  • Orderly tracking of your results.
  • Workout summaries.
  • Personal dashboard.
  • Workout log.
  • Workout editing.

This program is compatible with iOS and Android devices.