Athletic Abs for Athletes - The Ab program for building a stronger core and improved athletic performance
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Athletic Abs for Athletes - The Ab program for building a stronger core and improved athletic performance

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Stop marveling at the abs of pro athletes. Build your own strong, powerful abs with this abs centric training program. In this training series Professional and Olympic trainer, Bryan Meyer pulls together the exercise routines he uses build rock hard cores for the professional and amateur athletes he trains. With three training levels and progressions, and over twenty-two core-specific exercises, this program is a must-have complement to your overall training program. 

Plus, with TriadXP,  you'll get audio-visual cues to let you know what to do, when, how many, and with how much weight. TriadXP also tracks and logs all your workouts for you, so no more paper and pen or other apps. Plus you can customize your workout any way you want. So you can change exercises, reps, time, distances, or resistance to fit your personal needs or circumstances. 

Coach Bryan Meyer (Coach B) has been improving the strength and conditioning of professional and amateur athletes for over 20 years. His training methods overcome many of the shortfalls in traditional training approaches that can minimize an athlete's ability to be their very best. His unique programs bring out the best in every athlete earning Coach B the respect of professional athletes and Olympians. He's been featured in Men’s Health and other publications and is the author of Chasing the Title: The Adventures, Lessons, and Rewards of Training Dwight Howard, whom he trained solo for eleven years. 

If you're looking for a powerful new way to build a strong core capable of improving your athletic performance, then Athletic Abs for Athletes is for you, and performing it with the TriadXP app will help you be consistent with your workouts and reach your fitness goals.

Program Snapshot

3 Workouts

Exercise types

    Time                       Reps                    Weights or Bands

What you’re getting with this TriadXP Mobile-exercise program.

  • Complete audio-visual guided workout routines.
  • Systematic results tracking.
  • Workout summaries.
  • Personal dashboard.
  • Workout log.
  • Workout editing.
  • Digital exercise program for iOS and Android devices.