Drum Late'® 45 minute Cardio Drumming Fitness
Drum Late'

Drum Late'® 45 minute Cardio Drumming Fitness

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Drum-Late is designed to keep you upbeat, motivated and moving all year long, not just a few months out of the year. It is a whole body cardio experience, as well as body toning! A 45 minute cardio workout mixing in fun aerobic drumming, power pilates, and interval training, all choreographed into a super fun and sweaty aerobic dance routine. Improve your mind while losing inches and weight. Because, everything is more fun when you add sticks to your workout. 



The program includes an opening instructional video followed an 8 song workout and a 3 song cool down:
  • The Get Down - 3 minutes
  • Miamore - 4 minutes
  • Welcome Back - 3 minutes
  • Work That - 3 minutes
  • Freaky 3:30 minutes
  • Til the Sun Comes Up - 3 minutes
  • Work - 4 minutes
  • Dance Floored - 3:30 minutes
    Cool Down
    • A Haunting Affair - 4 minutes
    • Devilish Eyes - 4 minutes
    • Lesson Learned - 3 minutes

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      • Complete voice and video-guided workout routines.
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