The Beginner's Resistance Training Program with PDF
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The Beginner's Resistance Training Program with PDF

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This program will set you up for success as you begin your journey to a healthier, fitter lifestyle. Whether you're looking to boost your metabolism, get stronger, burn fat, improve insulin sensitivity or bone density, reduce blood pressure, or get more of that highly-sought-after 'toned' look, mastering the basics of weight training is the key.

To create this program, Laura based this programming around movements and exercises you need to know as a beginner. Progressive overload is built in your four-week program to ensure you make excellent progress during your program. 

Not sure how to perform an exercise? 

Watch the video demonstration before you get started so you feel confident when it's go time. 

Don't want to carry around an extra pen and paper to log your weight?

Don't worry - you don't have to! TriadXP lets you log and track your performance with each training session! 

The TriadXP app also provides voice and video cues for the entire program!

Watch your body and mind transform and get stronger as you work your way through four weeks of Laura's Beginners Weight Training Guide. 

Program Snapshot

20 Workouts - 

Exercise types

          Reps                      Weights

What you’re getting with this TriadXP Mobile-exercise program.

    • Complete audio-visual guided workout routines.
    • Systematic results tracking.
    • Workout summaries.
    • Personal dashboard.
    • Workout log.
    • Workout editing.
    • Digital exercise program for iOS and Android devices.

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Bill G.
United States
Great program

Gets your heart pumping and your muscles aching