The PFT Bible - ACE the  Army, Navy, AF, CG, and Police PT Tests e-book and app
Stew Smith CSCS USN (SEAL)

The PFT Bible - ACE the Army, Navy, AF, CG, and Police PT Tests e-book and app

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The PFT Bible eBook and TriadXP In-app workouts

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Go to Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, or about 50% of law enforcement academies across the United States and you will see the PFT Standard:

Pushups, Situps, 1.5-mile run.- (pullups also included)

Even the Marine Corps uses this test with its recruits with added pullups.  With added pullups, it is also the common Air Force PAST Test for many special programs (TACP, Special RECON, etc)

Now, there is an ebook and mobile-exercise program to help you address the PFT standard and build the functional strength of the core system, legs/hips, upper body, and running. More than half the military and law enforcement personnel have to do this PFT - That is why I call this training plan the PFT Bible!

CORE Testing Updates: Now updated for plank poses and leg tucks as many branches are finding ways to replace situps/crunches with plank poses and knee-ups.  But situps and crunches are not completely gone yet, so build a strong core system so you can do them all if needed. 

You get 7 weeks of training 42 workouts in all. And, with TriadXP, you'll get all your training cues right from your mobile device and keep track of your times, reps, distance and loads with minimal interaction with your device so you can be more efficient with your training time and workouts. With the right data, you'll quickly see when and where to modify your workouts and have control over planning them and setting your goals.

Go to your training in the shape of your life with this program to help ace the standard Physical Fitness Test (PFT). Pushups, situps, and running are featured in this program accompanied by weights as optional training tools as well. 

From Navy Chief: "Stew I used this program starting in January and by June when I had to take the PFT for the Navy, I blew it away for the first time in my 10 years of service. I even scored outstanding in the 18-20 age group! Thanks a lot!"