Tread & Tone - Complete 4 Week Transformational Training Guide for Runners App Plus PDF Book
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Tread & Tone - Complete 4 Week Transformational Training Guide for Runners App Plus PDF Book

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Feel stronger, more confident and improve your runs in just 4 weeks! But it won't come easy. You need to commit to the hard work and dedication it will take to level up your fitness. Envision how you want to feel in 28 days and then say 'yes!' to everything that will support you in reaching your goal and 'no' to everything that won't.

There's no limit to what you can do when you set your mind to it and have a plan to make it happen! And, Laura Tarbell's Tread'n Tone program is that plan. 

Laura used her experience from the last years working with countless women and men who lead very busy lives to make this program fit into even the busiest of schedules. Let's face it - in today's fast-paced world there just aren't enough hours in the day! But her 'quality over quantity' approach to fitness delivers 20 efficient workouts that will get you results in just thirty minutes, five days a week.

That's right! Thirty minutes, five times a week is all you need to get into the best shape of your life (coupled with proper nutrition of course).

Change and grow in ways you never thought possible with this program! And the before and after comparison photos are going to WOW you! Have fun and work hard!

This program includes a PDF guide. The TriadXP app provides voice and video cues and full tracking and logging capabilities for the entire program. You can buy them separately or together and save.

TriadXP, bringing you the most in mobile-exercise programs, your favorite trainers and go-to workouts. Train anywhere, anytime; however, you choose. Perform, track, and log a wide variety of time, rep, distance, and resistance workouts distraction-free.

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Great workout

My brother challenged me to do this and I was a little concerned because I am not much of a runner. I have to say that after every workout I was so proud of myself for completing it and felt such a sense of accomplishment. Every workout is challenging and works all of your muscles. After completing this entire workout I have a new respect for runners and have found that I enjoyed it so much that I have added running into my workout regime every week now. I actually find it relaxing to head out a run with my music playing. I am very happy with this program and look forward to doing it again!

Amy P.
United States United States
Tread n tone

Great! Loved it. Will do it again soon.

United States United States

It is easy as pushing play! Laura has really brought the intensity in writing this program. It is the toughest and most satisfying 30 minutes of the day! Love that the exercise demonstrations are there, you know what the next exercise is, and how many sets you have to go. If I were to do the workouts on my own, guaranteed my break times would be a LOT longer! The app keeps you on task. My only complaint is Laura's incline of 10 on her treadmill doesn't look as steep as the 10 on mine! Lol If you are looking to get your sweat on, this is it!

Samantha B.
United States United States
Love it!

This was great. I love that all the exercises are there for you to refer to. I also really like that it tells you what exercise is supposed to be performed next. Really limits pauses in your workout.