In Light of Change Cardio Legs XP Format
Julie Rammal

In Light of Change Cardio Legs XP Format

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Change your entire life from the inside and out through an amazing journey with the TriadXP version of In Light Of Change. Cardio Legs is great 6 minute workout or exercises and stretches specifically targeting the legs. The workout also includes a 6 minute cool down is one of the seven workouts in the In Light of Change 2 Week Fitness Program. The audio visual guidance in TriadXP will truly help you to be a new you getting younger, firmer and slimmer naturally!

The creator, Julie Rammal, International Celebrity trainer, Miss Virginia Swimsuit 1998, Radio One FM & Shape Fitness News writer, and speaker invites all to a breath taking experience that combines cinematography and fitness. Julie has traveled the world and worked with celebrities worldwide. She now brings you the best worldwide training techniques and exercise methods. This program is inspired by: aerobics, primal movements, yoga, Pilates, stretching and nature. It will change you from the inside-out to ensure you live a happier and healthier journey.