Ilyse Baker

Celebrity trainer, Ilyse Baker has a personality that is as contagious and charismatic as her enthusiasm for fitness and dance. She is the creator of the dance fitness program Dancinerate® that she trains and teaches nationwide.

Ilyse is a lead instructor for multiple global fitness brands including Weight Watchers, Adidas, Zonia and Wellbeats.  Based in Los Angeles, Ilyse travels the globe showing people the power of expressing themselves through dance movement. Her upbeat music and sexy Broadway dance style takes students on a journey to step out of their comfort zones and ‘Dance like Nobody Is Watching, But Knowing That Everyone Is.’

Ilyse has been called upon to choreograph multiple dance programs for television, film and DVD. Her work and celebrity clientele have been featured on TV shows such as Extra and Access Hollywood and have appeared in major publications like Us Weekly, Self Magazine, Shape and American Fitness, to name a few.

Ilyse is an AFAA Certified Fitness Instructor, Certified Pre & Post Natal Coach and has a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Performance and Dance Education from Point Park University.

To top it all, whether you’re young, old, big or small, it’s safe to say that

Ilyse Loves Your Sexy Everything

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I love Ilyse!  She makes every woman feel like they can be the best dancer in the entire world and makes people feel great as they transform themselves into what they really want to be.

Leann Rimes American singer, songwriter, actress, and author

Thanks so much, Ilyse!  I never thought I’d have that much fun at a dance class.  Seriously, I think I may actually give one at my gym at shot now.  I can’t thank you enough for the confidence boost to give it a go.  Xoxo

Lindsey Unterberberg, Deputy Online Editor, GLAMOUR

Ilyse is a force to be reckoned with in the dance fitness world.  She is someone I look up to and am proud to consider a “big sister” in this ever-evolving field.  Whether you are looking to participate in a sound fitness class or have a partner/mentor/friend in this industry, Ilyse is your girl!

Melissa Towey QiDance Master Trainer

Ilyse is a person who walks or rather dances her walk, and talks her talk. UBER talented without a shred of ego or drama, Ilyse Baker is a force of nature and talent. This is a gal who, whether in front of 1 or 1,000, gives you her heart, soul and 150% of herself. She leaves it ALL on the dance floor. It is my honor to work with Ilyse often and I have immense gratitude for also being able to call her a friend.

Petra Kolber Fitness Expert and Motivational Speaker