Karen Armstrong

Karen Armstrong is an accomplished fitness professional integrating Pilates training with fundamental body strengthening. Motivated by a lifetime of participation in health, wellness, the arts and technological innovation, Karen implements detailed needs assessments and tailored solutions to meet unique client requirements.  

Karen received a Bachelor of Science in Physiological Sciences and The Balanced Body International Certification.

As a published author with advanced knowledge of physiology, Karen has been featured in: Pilates Style Magazine, Health Magazine, Shape.com, Health Digest, Prevention Magazine, Huffington Post, Redbook Online and The Review Stew.

InControl Pelvic Exercises For Women

InContol is a must-have Pilates-based exercise program exclusively for women trying to control incontinence, improve their sexual response, and speed up their recovery from childbirth. Now available as a TriadXP mobile-exercise program, it can be performed and tracked anywhere, anytime. Great for women with busy schedules, traveling, or recovering from childbirth.