InControl Pelvic Exercises for Women
Karen Armstrong

InControl Pelvic Exercises for Women

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InContol is a must-have Pilates-based exercise program exclusively for women trying to control incontinence, improve their sexual response, and speed up their recovery from childbirth. Now available as a TriadXP mobile-exercise program, it can be performed and tracked anywhere, anytime. Great for women with busy schedules, traveling, or recovering from childbirth.

When women strengthen their pelvic floor, it helps control incontinence, improve sexual response, and speed up recovery from childbirth. With InContol, you'll get easy to follow exercises that build your pelvic strength in just nine to twelve minutes a day. This highly recommended exercise program, led by certified Pilates instructor Karen Armstrong, includes a basic overview of the anatomy of your pelvic floor and internal organs, and an easy-to-follow twelve-minute routine plus advanced-level instructions (with resistance bands).

Time           Body Weight           Resistance Bands           Exercise Ball

    Time               Bodyweight         Resistance Band       Exercise Ball

Here's what you get with this TriadXP exercise program:

  • Complete voice and video-guided workout routines.
  • Orderly tracking of your results.
  • Workout summaries.
  • Personal dashboard.
  • Workout log.
  • Workout editing.

This program is compatible with iOS and Android devices.