The Simple Six
Clinton Dobbins

Clinton Dobbins was just an average 30-something guy trying to keep up with his family, job, and health. Finally, he decided average simply wasn't good enough. So he set out, determined to find the secret to looking and feeling the way he had always wanted.

After nearly 25 years of being involved with sports, training, and diet & fitness, Clinton has seen and tried it all. Do you want to know what he finally figured out? It's all too much!

The more he tried to get done, the less he was able to accomplish. Finally, out of desperation, Clinton decided to keep training only the exercises and routines that seemed to work best for him, while eliminating everything else. And finally, he started seeing incredible results.

Now, after more than two years of trial and error, creating, tweaking, and tuning, Clinton has finalized what he believes to be the ultimate minimalist workout.

His passion now is to help teach others that being healthy doesn't have to be hard. A little bit can go a long way, provided it's the right little bit.

With The Simple Six, Clinton Dobbins has released the innovative new workout routine he used to change his own life.

Are you ready to let it help change your life too!

The Simple Six

Are you ready to finally look and feel the way you've always wanted, and stay that way?

The Simple Six is a best selling title on Amazon and  an innovative new workout program designed to provide maximum results with the least amount of effort. Free of all the usual filler and hype, The Simple Six is a real program, for real people, offering real results.

The unique method is now available as a mobile exercise program. The Simple Six is based on the idea that repeating a small amount of work consistently can lead to great changes in the way you look, the way you feel, and the way you think about fitness and exercise. 

If you're looking for a simple, straightforward way to build a strong, balanced, and capable physique, then The Simple Six is for you.

The Simple Six truly is the easy way to get in shape and stay in shape for the rest of your life!


Easy to implement, sustainable model for health and fitness. Reminds me of Dan John's "Easy Strength" and Pavel's "Simple and Sinister" approaches, but brings something extra to the discussion.

James Boelter

"Simple, fast, easy way to get surprising results"

Rafael Checa

"Consistency is king, and this a clear format for that."

Scott Fischer

"Very good and efficient workouts!!!"

Steve Adams