Sean Vigue

Sean Vigue is one of the most followed yoga, Pilates, power yoga, flexibility training and performance enhancing instructors in the world with millions of followers in every corner of the world from beginners to elite professional athletes.

He is a bestselling author including his last major releases, "Pilates for Athletes" and "Power Yoga for Athletes", and greatly enjoys creating books which are accessible to everyone regardless of age and fitness level. Sean has produced thousands of online workout videos, a full DVD line, his own podcast and loves teaching at fitness conferences. The more he works in the health and fitness field the more excited and motivated he gets. Before diving into the exciting world of fitness he worked as a professional opera/musical theater performer in theaters around the world for over 10 years and over 40 shows. He also won numerous singing competitions for opera and music theater as a dramatic baritone. 

In his spare time he is an amateur film, opera and classical music historian and MST3k fanatic.

Pilates for Athletes

Pilates for Athletes takes the principles and benefits of Pilates and applies them to whichever sports and activities you love to do. It's perfect for every fitness level and an essential guide for any sport.