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Achieve your fintess goals with customizable audio-visual workouts that track your progress virtually hands-free

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Turn your phone or tablet into your fitness coach and record keeper with the free TriadXP app—so you can exercise anytime, anywhere, any way you choose. Explore these training features in the TriadXP app:

Train your way. Customize your workouts based on your specific circumstances, add, remove, change exercises, sets, reps, time, and distance targets—and track reps, distance, and resistance. Move seamlessly from different exercise types with audio and visual cues. GPS or manual tracking for distance, one-touch performance recording, easy to use keypad even records resistance band colors.

Voice and video cues. Breeze through new routines you don’t know and exercises you can’t remember as audio and video cues guide you exercise to exercise including time, rep, distance, and resistance targets. Tap the next button to record your performance as prescribed or the adjust button to input a different number or resistance level.

Track your progress. See your actual reps, time, distance, and resistance for each exercise and set along with your total workout time. Add notes to workouts. Exercise log tracks every workout and program you perform and total workout time with full recall of each workout performance. 

Instructional photos or videos. All exercises include links to instructional photos or videos with descriptions to provide guidance  on how to perform your exercises properly. 

Advance and pause with on-screen controls. Skip exercises or advance to the next activity with on-screen Advance—and if you need to pause, tap the pause button.

Dashboard. Stay up to date on your weekly progress—number of workout days, and total reps, time and distance. 

TriadXP Mobile App Key Features

Virtually Hands Free Audio-Visual Guidance

When you perform your favorite workouts on TriadXP's Mobile App you can listen to your favorite music while you are guided step-by-step through your program, virtually hands free. 

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Any Exercise, Any Workout, Any Trainer

With the TraidXP Mobile App you can perform rep, distance and time based exercises. You can create circuits, add resistance, manually track any result and even us GPS to track distance. Work with any trainer, anytime and anywhere. 

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Modify or Capture Results During Your Workout

With the TriadXaP Mobile App you can automatically capture and modify your results on the fly. So if you feel like running farther, or doing more, you can simply tap to proceed to the next exercises or enter your results realtime.

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Track and Share Results

With the TriadXP Mobile App its easy to track your progress toward your fitness goals. After your workout you can rate it, take notes  and even share your results on your favorite social media or by email.

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Edit or Add Exercises to Any Workout

Modifying the workouts you purchase is easy. You can change a run to a walk, delete or add another exercise from the TriadXP Audio-Visual exercise library.

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Set Goals, Track your Progress

You can set fitness goals including a target number of workouts per week, a weight, BMI or specific  body measurements goals. Tracking your fitness progress is easy.

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