10-Min Quarantine Total Body Workout #2
Sonki Fitness

10-Min Quarantine Total Body Workout #2

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This is the second of two 10-minute total-body workouts from celebrity trainer and the Founder/CEO of Sonki Fitness Sonki Hong. It's a quick and simple total body workout you can do in about 10 minutes.  You should do each exercise for about a minute or until muscle failure. If you can go longer than a minute, preset your times to go until you reach that “good pain” point or edit the number of rounds to two. 

With TriadXP you can take control of your workout.  You can modify the times, add rest periods, and even increase the number of rounds to perform. Plus, you'll always know what to do, when, how long, and how much time is left for each exercise. There's even a timer and countdown to make your workout more seamless. And, if you're doing more than one round, TriadXP will even keep track of your rounds. You can even listen to your own music or audiobook while you workout. So, get a mood boost. Press perform, let TriadXP guide you, and get moving today!