10-Min Quarantine Total Body Workout #1
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10-Min Quarantine Total Body Workout #1

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10-Min Quarantine Total Body Workout you can do at home or outside. 

This isn’t going to get you ready for the Olympics but rather help you maintain your fitness level during your quarantine.

You can do 2 - 3 cycles of this workout to make it longer. And, with this TriadXP version of the workout, all you have to do is set the rounds and press "Perform Workout"...no rewinding or restarting the video. Plus, TriadXP will keep a log of all your workouts and workout times.  

You can do this every day during your quarantine. At the very least you should try to do this every other day.

I recommend warming up first by jogging in place for a minute than stretching the entire body. Then follow that with a proper cool down.

You should do each exercise for about a minute or until muscle failure. If you’re performing an exercise a minute and you haven’t yet reached muscle failure, just keep going until you do.