101 Best Pyramid Training Workouts
Hatherleigh - Stew Smith

101 Best Pyramid Training Workouts

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Now you can perform the top 101 Pyramid workouts from legendary fitness expert and former Navy SEAL Stewart “Stew” Smith and capitalize on all the benefits of the TraidXP fitness app. Pyramid workouts combine the best of high-intensity workouts with an escalating rep scheme; Pyramid workouts provide the perfect workout: a warm-up, full-throttle exercise session, and cooldown all in one, these programs will push you to your limits like never before.

Using the TriadXP fitness App, you'll have voice and visual guidance and all your results and progress will be captured as you take full advantage of Stew's expertise with this collection of his top pyramid workouts to give you the absolute best of these versatile, high-volume workouts. These pyramid routines include bodyweight exercises, calisthenic exercises, and cardio exercises, including running and exercise bikes. Some of the Pyramid workouts integrate resistance exercises using exercise dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells and optional use of sandbags or weighted vests. 

101 Best Pyramid Training Workouts includes top-level workouts designed to help you reach new heights, including:

  • The #1 Classic PT Pyramid: The one that started it all — a beginner’s challenge!
  • TRX Pyramid: Make pyramid workouts part of your TRX routine!
  • Murph Sandbag Pyramid: Mix it up with intense reps and extra weight!
  • Death by Push-Ups Pyramid: 20 minutes, 210 push-ups — can you do it?
  • The Hundreds Pyramid Workout: Strive to meet these insane rep counts!
  • Tactical Fitness Pyramid Workouts: Meet the standard of excellence held by the nation’s finest!

101 Best Pyramid Training Workouts With workouts perfect for any program and every athlete, lets anyone incorporate high-energy calisthenics and punishing weight-lifting into their existing routines. If you’re looking for a challenge or just something fresh and new, start climbing!