5BX Chart 1 Progression - Look Better, Feel Better in Just 11 Minutes
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5BX Chart 1 Progression - Look Better, Feel Better in Just 11 Minutes

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Here is a scientifically designed Physical Fitness plan published in 1961 that, together with its companion version for women, was an international bestseller with around 23 million copies in 13 translations sold across the globe. With it, you can develop an adequate level of reserve energy needed for vigorous positive well-being and zestful living.

This plan enables you to get fit: 

·                By yourself

·                At home

·                In your spare time

·                At your rate of progress

·                Without discomfort

...in only 11 minutes a day.

5BX means five basic exercises. And it’s unique because it’s:

SIMPLE: easy to do, easy to follow.

PROGRESSIVE: develop your fitness at your rate, to your required level, without getting stiff or sore muscles.

BALANCED: condition your muscles, heart, and lungs harmoniously for your daily needs.

COMPLETE: the principles of muscle and organic development are applied simultaneously and progressively.

SELF-MEASURING: clear cut "targets for fitness" for your age and body build, along with graduated standards for checking your progress.

CONVENIENT: do these exercises any place at your

CONVENIENCE: without gadgets,

Research and history have demonstrated the 5BX Plan can help you:

Increase the strength of the essential muscle groups needed in everyday living.

Increase the ability of muscles used in essential body movements to function efficiently for long periods.

Increase the speed of response of the relevant muscles of the body.

Keep the essential muscles and joints of the body supple and flexible.

Improve the efficiency and the capacity of the heart, lungs, and other body organs.

Increase the capacity for physical exertion.

What You Get

5BX Chart 1, the first progression chart of the 5BX 6-chart series. It comes complete with all 12 workout progressions. Your audio-visual, guided mobile exercise program includes a PDF booklet about the 5BX Plan and Chart 1. With the FREE TriadXP Mobile App, you just pop in your earbuds, click perform, and are guided step-by-step through your workout. Record your results as you go, and receive a complete summary of your workout when you finish. You can even substitute a run or walk for Exercise 5 and track your distance using your device's GPS or input it manually.  

Never before has this legendary program been updated based on current fitness trends and offered as a complete exercise program with exercise videos and audio guidance. And, with TriadXP’s distraction-free guidance, and results tracking capabilities, there’s no need to worry about what to do next or how to record your results.

Look Better, Feel Better in just 11 minutes a day!