Convict Conditioning - Do It  Yourself Training Supplement
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Convict Conditioning - Do It Yourself Training Supplement

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The complete Do It Yourself Convict Conditioning Training Supplement! Now you can create your own Convict Conditioning straight set or circuit workout from either the 60 core exercise options (6 basic exercises 10 steps each) or the 180 prescribed exercise options (6 basic exercises 10 steps each, each with 3 levels - Basic, Intermediate, and Elite).

Paul Wade's brilliant 6-set system of 10 progressions has helped all kinds of people master the elite levels of strength.  This training supplement lets Convict Conditioning followers go their own way and create their own set- or circuit-style Convict Conditioning workout.

"I love the ability to tailor the exercises to my personal training. It's easy to set up, alter, amend and use!" - Robert N. 

Paul Wade has given you all the exercises you'll ever need in the quest for REAL physical accomplishment. They include the most challenging exercises you'll ever have to do. And yes, 97% of those who attempt the Convict Conditioning exercises, frankly, won't have the guts and the fortitude to make it to the top exercise progressions. But with this DIY format and the TriadXP fitness app, you'll be able to create your own workouts, get workout guidance, and track your progress. Even if you only make it halfway through Paul's Exercise Progressions, you'll be stronger than almost anyone you encounter.

If you're the type of person who likes to go rogue and do your own workouts but still follow Paul Wade's proven exercise progressions, then you'll want this training supplement on your device!