Core and Cardio: Free Day 1 Workout
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Core and Cardio: Free Day 1 Workout

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Try Chris Castellano's Core & Cardio Day 1 Workout for free. 

This 30-day fat loss workout plan includes:

  • full-body workouts that maintain your strength while improving core strength and conditioning
  • several options for exercises depending on the equipment you have available
  • workouts that are calibrated for fat loss and get progressively harder

It focuses on improving your core strength and conditioning, leading to accelerated fat loss and a greater metabolic/anaerobic response. Core & Cardio is designed to be used in any environment, from hotel gyms to home gyms, with minimal equipment.

You get 4 Full-Body Workouts a Week with 4 Separate Sessions:

  1. Warm-Up 
  2. Strength
  3. Core
  4. Cardio/Conditioning

Download the Day 1 workout to your phone or tablet and enjoy and track your multimedia training experience for free.