Dumbbell Forearm Workout
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Dumbbell Forearm Workout

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STRETCH AND STRENGTHEN YOUR FOREARM MUSCLES IN 12-WEEKS! Proven dumbbell forearm workout reveals five of the best forearm exercises and includes a complete training guide. TriadXP app calls out cues and tracks your results. Satisfaction guaranteed! Download now for only $2.99!!

Over the years, the strength training methods and exercises in this dumbbell forearm workout have stretched and strengthened the forearm muscles and reduced the chances of injury in high school, college, and professional athletes. It builds forearm muscles for anyone who relies on firm, flexible wrist and hand movements.

Whatever your age, the proven strength training principles used to create this program will help you strengthen your grip and wrist movements and reduce your chances of injuries.

Each exercise, carefully selected using the principles of kinesiology (the study of human motion), will help you build optimum forearm strength and reduce your chance of injuries. Best of all, you'll use the most practical form of exercise equipment available, the dumbbell, to perform your workouts.

The program's simplicity and ease make it the perfect complement to your broader training program of stretching, aerobic exercise, and a strength-training. And, since the program relies on the longstanding SAID principle (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands - Wallis and Logan), it continuously challenges you from increasing the number of repetitions to perform to increasing weight resistance.

Perform your dumbbell forearm workouts every other day. Each week you'll add more reps to stretch and strengthen the finer muscles of your forearm a bit more. Then, at the end of the twelfth week, you'll increase the amount of weight and repeat the progression.

If you want to stretch and strengthen your forearm muscles and reduce the chances of injury, then download your dumbbell forearm workout today!