Franklin County Sheriff Training Academy Preparation Program
Bo Jackson Elite Sports

Franklin County Sheriff Training Academy Preparation Program

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Get Ready Right for The Sheriff Training Academy

This 8 week training program was designed by the elite athletic performance and conditioning experts from the Ohio State Medical Center and Bo Jackson Elite Sports Performance. Each week includes 3 works that combine calisthenics, bodyweight exercises with some resistance work for strength and conditioning. 

Performing these routines on the TriadXP mobile fitness app is the perfect way to prepare for your training academy experience.
​Providing audio-visual guidance, the TriadXP app lets you know what to do, when, how many, and with how much weight. TriadXP tracks and logs all your workouts, so no more paper and pen or other apps. Plus you can customize your workout any way you want. So you can change exercises, reps, time, distances or resistance to fit your personal needs or circumstances.

Program Snapshot

8 weeks 3 Workouts per week

Exercise types

    Time               Reps                    Weights

What you’re getting with this TriadXP Mobile-exercise program.

  • Complete audio-visual guided workout routines.
  • Systematic results tracking.
  • Workout summaries.
  • Personal dashboard.
  • Workout log.
  • Workout editing.
  • Digital exercise program for iOS and Android devices.