Home Abs Workout
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Home Abs Workout

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Home Abs Workout

5 Simple Exercise to Work Your Core at Home! 

Cover model and national fitness title holder, Laura Tarbell, is the ultimate coach to help you transform your body! As coach, certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and Pilates instructor Laura has helped thousands of people improve their physique to bring them more self-confidence, energy, and strength. Her simple Home Abs Workout is the perfect quick in-app fitness routine you can do anytime to help tone and strengthen your abs. 

All you need is: 

·      A resistance band

·      Ab roller

·      Stability ball

Program Snapshot

  • 5 exercise
  • A time-based version of the workout
  • A rep-based version of the workout

What you're getting with this TriadXP fitness app exercise program

  • Complete audio-visual guided workout routines
  • Systematic results tracking
  • Workout summaries
  • Personal dashboard
  • Workout log
  • Workout editing
  • Digital exercise program for iOS and Android devices