Sean Vigue's Power Yoga Bundle
Sean Vigue

Sean Vigue's Power Yoga Bundle

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Sean "Coach" Vigue's Power Yoga For Athletes Bundle 

Welcome to the complete power yoga training and conditioning app! Build strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and complete control of your body anywhere and anytime. This program combines all the workouts from Coach Vigue's best-selling Power Yoga for Athletes and a Bonus 7 Day Challenge Daily Video Workout.

Sean "Coach" Vigue, the most followed online Power Yoga and Pilates instructor, is excited to bring you this complete conditioning program for athletes of all ages and fitness levels using only your bodyweight. That's right...this program requires zero equipment, machines, or weights of any kind - just your bodyweight is needed. All 25 power yoga workouts are now available as an in-app fitness program through TriadXP! These full-body powerful flows will have you building strength, increasing stamina, and boosting your energy and confidence in no time. 

The Power Yoga for Athletes program covers all the fundamentals of yoga training. You will learn over 100 poses with clear, concise photos and full descriptions. Learn them separately and then plug them into the 25 all levels and dynamic flows with ease and enjoyment. 

With the TriadXP fitness app, you get world-class voice and visual guidance, making it very easy to clearly know what to do, when to do it and how long to do each pose. You can also edit the flows to work for your specific needs. You are in control. The app also tracks your power yoga workout results so you can see and track your progress over time. 

Program snapshot
• 25 workouts
• 100+ poses with color photos and descriptions
• Time/breath-based poses and workouts
• Training Logs for every major sport including running/jogging, swimming, soccer/football, American football/rugby, hockey, golf, basketball, baseball/cricket, cycling, and tennis
• Coach Vigue's popular 7 day Power Yoga Challenge 

What you're getting with this TriadXP fitness app exercise program.
• Complete audio-visual guided power yoga workouts
• Systematic results tracking
• Workout summaries
• Personal dashboard
• Workout log
• Workout editing
• Digital exercise program for iOS and Android devices.