Talking Fitness With Laura Tarbell: "You Don't Have to Eat Salads Every Day"
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Talking Fitness With Laura Tarbell: "You Don't Have to Eat Salads Every Day"

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Navigating the diet and exercise landscape can be a daunting journey. There are no shortages of dieting methods or advice from the Mediterranean Diet and the Dash Diet to the Mind Diet or KETO. The same goes for workouts. There's HIIT, Isometrics, Bodyweight, Cardio, and more. How can you blame people for throwing up their hands in frustration after doing an Internet search or flipping through their social media feeds looking for answers?

Well, we were able to grab a few minutes with an infamous fitness mom, Laura Tarbell, to cut through the noise.

If you don't know Laura, she's first and foremost a dedicated mother of two sets of twins, which makes her list of accomplishments even more impressive. She's a cover model, national bodybuilding title holder, certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and pilates instructor. She's the author of several books and training programs, including her most recent training program, "Tread & Tone," available on TriadXP.

In this exclusive interview with TriadXP's Eisha Bukhari, Laura dispels the myths, clears up the confusion, and shares her go-to tips on how to balance your diet and exercise plans.

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