Tendu Toning Complete Program - Where Ballet Meets Fitness
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Tendu Toning Complete Program - Where Ballet Meets Fitness

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Tendu Toning is a hybrid workout that combines pilates, ballet, weights, resistance, and cardio for full-body results. Unlike most workout methods that work only one body part at a time, Tendu Toning requires the use of the whole body to perform each exercise correctly. This creates long, lean muscles like a ballerinas body. Whether you're a ballet dancer wanting to get stronger and more conditioned or just someone who wants to get in shape and have a ballerina body, this TriadXP total body workout is for you!

Remember, TriadXP you'll get all of Rachel's voice and video cues so you can perform your Tendu Toning workouts right from your mobile device. Plus, with TriadXP, you can track and log all your training times and workouts for each exercise series.

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