The Ultimate Simple Six: The Easy Way To Get In Shape Now With 16 Alternate Exercises
Dobbins, Clinton. The Simple Six

The Ultimate Simple Six: The Easy Way To Get In Shape Now With 16 Alternate Exercises

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Now you can get this Amazon No. 1 Bestseller in an audiovisual mobile fitness app.

This TriadXP in-app exercise program will let you: 

  • Follow and track your Simple Six workouts easily and efficiently.
  • Personalize your workouts with 16 additional alternative exercises.
  • Record your progress and log all your training data. You'll even earn Triads for every day you workout.
  • Use your phone's GSP to track your distance or let you enter it manually.
  • Get in shape fast, with the least amount of effort required just got even easier with this in-app version of The Simple Six.
  • And much more!

Welcome to the TriadXP in-app version of The Simple Six.

On the hunt for the ultimate workout plan? The Simple Six presents you with an alternative approach to training – utilizing six simple steps that reap real results. Whether you’re a beginner, weekend warrior, or a self-proclaimed fitness junkie, this workout program will take your health, strength, and athletic ability to the next level.

This proprietary fitness program is grounded on the idea that repeating a small amount of work consistently, can lead to incredible changes in the way you look, feel, and how you think about fitness and exercise.

A forward-thinking workout plan, The Ultimate Simple Six includes exercise descriptions and illustrated videos on how to perform each exercise properly. This program contains:


✔️ The best exercises to help you get in shape fast

✔️ Step by step instructions on how to perform each move

✔️ Posture tips and tricks to get the most out of your workout

✔️ Audiovisual cues to guide through each day of The Simple Six routine so you can build a life-changing fitness habit.

The truth is, there is no “secret” to getting ripped, swole, shredded, or whatever other buzzword is being promised – but The Simple Six is a real resource to help you take control of your health and help you improve your physique and abilities.

If you’re searching for a straightforward way to build a strong, balanced, and capable physique, this fitness program will help you create the body you desire and deserve – in half the time.

Ready to join hundreds of other people who realized there is a better, simpler way to stay in shape? YOU can do it with the Ultimate Simple Six!