No Gym, No Excuses: 5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Home Workout

No Gym, No Excuses: 5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Home Workout

No Gym, No Excuses: 5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Home Workout

With no access to your gym, you're forced to workout at home. You are probably thinking how can I do a home workout, I have no equipment, no personal trainer, and no inspiration or energy from working out with others.

We can all use a little motivation to keep us moving so we can overcome the barriers and excuses that prevent us from achieving our fitness goal. Here are 5 tips to get the most out of your home workout:

1. Assess Your Options & Find Your Routine

Sure, you don't have all the equipment you have access to at the gym, so let’s improvise. A heavy book or a milk jug filled with water can easily replace dumbbells, kettlebells, or a medicine ball. And let's be honest there are plenty of proven bodyweight workouts you can perform at home without any equipment. Some great examples are tactical fitness routines performed by the military like the 5BX (Five Basic Exercises) for men, and XBX (Ten Basic Exercises) for women used for years by the Royal Canadian Air Force. Or Calisthenics and Cardio Workouts (only) from Navy Seal Stew Smith. These bodyweight home workouts require no equipment and can be done in a space the size of a small room. 

2. Create Your Own Gym - Home Workout Space

The environment can really help to motivate you in your efforts. Try allocating part of a room as your fitness space, set up a mat and mirror if possible so you can check your form as you move. Defining an area is a great way to make sure you get the most out of at-home workouts. Having everything you need in one place and when you are ready for your home workout, so you won't waste time looking for what you need, you can get moving quickly. Your location should be somewhere you won't be disturbed by family members, the phone ringing, or your four-legged family pet. You might even try mixing it up and doing your home workout outside when you can.

3. Put it on Your Schedule and Stay Committed.

Just like a doctor's appointment or a business meeting, put your training time on your calendar and keep the time sacred. When you write it down, it helps you to stay committed and hold yourself accountable. It also ensures you have a plan. Many of us establish routines for our gym visits, going in the morning or after work are common. Treat your home workout the same way, and if you have a dedicated space in your home to exercise, it will help reinforce the routine.

4. Goals, Progress and Accountability

Like everything you achieve in life, writing down your goals, tracking your progress, and having some form of accountability will help you get there. Your fitness is no different. Set a goal, losing weight, toning your arms, waist, etc. This helps you to feel motivated and committed to doing your home workout. Use tools to track your progress, you can record your reps, weight/resistance and the time you spend working out. Good old fashioned pen and paper will do, or technology like the TriadXP mobile app will automatically capture all the details for you, real-time as you workout. The TriadXP app also provides voice cues and exercise visuals to guide you through your workout as you listen to your favorite music for motivation. Finally, one of the best ways to hold yourself accountable is to share your goals with someone else, then report to them how you are doing. Show your progress notes to a friend, or if you use the TriadXP app, you can post and share right after you workout via social media, text, or email. Having an accountability buddy helps, make sure you offer to return the favor to a friend as well.
5. Choose a Proven Program and Technique
Without coaching from a trainer or peers to check your form, you need to be mindful of your form as you complete your home workout. So choose a workout program that has a proven track record from a trusted trainer. Remember, you can keep it simple, but staying consistent and making sure you are performing exercises with the right form will ensure you achieve your desired results and minimize the potential of injury. There are many videos online you can use as a reference, but make sure you choose a credible resource. TriadXP’s programs are all created by elite independent trainers. Their content is proven, and the TriadXP app includes visual guidance and instruction on how to perform the exercises. So you know what to do, when to do it and how to do it right.


Follow the Tips – Reach Your Fitness Goal

Home workouts are convenient and can be highly effective if you follow these tips to eliminate the excuses and remove barriers to your success. So what are you waiting for Let’s Get Moving!


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