Shapely Shoulders: 5-Minute Upper Body Workout to Build Attention Grabbing Shoulders!
Andrea Metcalf

Shapely Shoulders: 5-Minute Upper Body Workout to Build Attention Grabbing Shoulders!

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You'll want to wear that strapless dress all the time after doing this 5-minute upper body workout.  Follow celebrity expert Andrea Metcalf through this eleven-exercises, audio-video guided workout to add strength, size, and shape to your shoulders easier and faster than you think. There are even two bonus arm exercises to give you that celebrity arm and shoulder combination to make any off-the-shoulder dress, tube top or tank top look fabulous. All you need is a pair of light dumbbells, the willingness to do the routine two to three times a week, and to slow you lifts down.

Plus, with TriadXP,  you'll get audio-visual cues to let you know what to do, when, how many, and with how much weight. TriadXP also tracks and logs all your workouts for you, so no more paper and pen or other apps. Plus, you can customize your training any way you want. So you can change exercises, reps, time, distances, or resistance to fit your personal needs or circumstances. 

If you want shapely shoulders for the sleeveless weather, this program will get you there. And, performing it with the TriadXP app will help you be consistent with your workouts and get results faster.

Program Snapshot

3 Workouts

Exercise types
           Reps                     Light Dumbbells

Here's what you get with this TriadXP Mobile-exercise program:

  • Step-by-step audio-visual instructions to guide you and ensure you do each workout correctly right from the start.
  • Instructional videos show you how to perform unfamiliar exercises and keep your form in check on familiar ones.
  • Systematic tracking of exercise times, reps, distance, and loads makes recording results a snap.
  • Workout summaries show you your performance results for near-instant gratification at the end of your workout.
  • A personal dashboard that keeps you on track with your high-level workout goals.
  • A workout log with all your workouts and exercise details in one spot.  
  • Workout editing that lets you change exercise targets, replace exercises, and more.
  • A digital exercise program you perform on iOS or Android devices.